Karen’s Story

My name is Karen & I’m married to Richard 24 yrs in May. I found a lump in my right breast in Feb 2011 in the shower. I had an appointment w/my ob/gyn in May so I figured I’d wait till then to tell her (only 3 months, right?!). She told me to get a mammogram & ultrasound, so I went to a local hospital since it was the closest one to where we live. BIG mistake. They MISSED the tumor & told me there was “nothing there.” So I went almost the ENTIRE year of 2011 thinking I was fine!

I just got the “all clear” in July from my breast surgeon & don’t have to return to him hopefully NEVER again!

Then I got a severe, steady cramp in my right breast area in the SAME place where I found the lump. Scared the hell out of me – AND there was a 50% chance of my “blowing it off” because of the hospital telling me I was fine. Well, I didn’t “blow it off.” I called my ob/gyn AGAIN and told her and she sent me to who would eventually become my breast surgeon. With a breast cancer survivor friend, I went to my breast surgeon & they did the EXACT same ultrasound the hospital did! When my surgeon saw the tumor, he said “How’d they miss that”? Another friend told me she’d have fallen off the table if that were her. The biopsy came back positive for Invasive Ductile Carcinoma – I got the results on a Friday evening by phone the week before Christmas in 2011. After that it was a blur of tests. Due to a lung condition which causes nodules to show up on MRI’s etc., they ALMOST didn’t want to do the lumpectomy until AFTER they knew what those nodules were. Thankfully my lung doctor confirmed my diagnosis & I underwent a lumpectomy during my birthday week of January 2012 (I considered it a birthday present to myself). After I got the diagnosis by PHONE I just wanted to get that cancer OUT of me!!! Then I started radiation & for me it was barely noticeable except for the trips back & forth for 6 weeks. Because of my lung condition they STILL wanted a lung biopsy {eyeroll} & that was the most painful procedure so far of my entire life. I wasn’t worried about those results until I walked into my lung doc’s office & realized OMG I’m getting my results today. But I needn’t have worried – NO CANCER in my lungs! I just got the “all clear” in July from my breast surgeon & don’t have to return to him hopefully NEVER again!  ~ Karen

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